Program – video of webinar about PFAS video posted

What do we know about the PFAS situation in the Nordic region and what can be done?

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Moderator: Christine Nellemann, Director of the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The webinar is in English.

9.00-10.30 AM CET

Opening speech: Human health risks and main concerns of PFAS
Anne Marie Vinggaard, Professor, DTU National Food Institute, Denmark

Risk assessments in the Nordic region

Health risks after high exposure to PFAS in drinking water. Experiences from Ronneby, Sweden
Kristina Jakobsson, Professor, School of Public Health and Community medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy Universit of Gothenburg, Sweden

PFAS in Finland – dietary exposure, with focus on occurrence in fish
Johanna Suomi, Research Professor. Finnish Food Authority

PFAS in food and migration from food contact materials into real food, Denmark
Kit Granby, Associate Professor, DTU National Food Institute, Denmark

Production of paper products identified as the main source of PFAS in polluted fish
Håkon A. Langberg, Senior Researcher, The Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

10.30-10.45 AM CET

10.45 AM-12.30 PM CET
Where the consumer meets PFAS in everyday life
Line Småstuen Haug,Senior Scientist, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Overview of risk management and monitoring in the Nordic region

Overview of monitoring and risk management of PFAS in Denmark and regulatory foresights at the EU level
Henrik Søren Larsen, Head of Office, Ministry of Environment of Denmark

Fish meal from wild fish in organic egg production – PFAS findings in Finland, a risk management case
Riitta Rannikko, Senior Specialist, Finnish Food Authority

Risk management of PFAS in Norway
Julie Tesdal Håland, Senior Adviser, The Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Head Office, Chemical food safety

PFAS in food - how does environmental contamination affect food production and human exposure?
Karl Lilja, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Temporal trends of PFAS concentrations in dated sediment cores from Finland and Baltic Sea
Ville Junttila, Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute

12.30-13.15 PM CET
Lunsj pause

13.15-15.00 PM CET

What more can be done?

PFAS - From hero to villain to criminal
Stig Valdersnes, Senior Researcher, Institute of Marine Research, Norway

PFAS treatment techniques – Needs for the future?

Lutz Ahrens, Professor in Environmental Organic Chemistry, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Topic: Proposal for a broad PFAS restriction in EU
Jenny Ivarsson, Strategic Advisor, Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI)

Closing remarks on future perspectives - a world without PFAS?

Harald Gjein, Director at Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment
Helen Brunnkvist, Head of Department, and Emma Halldin Ankarberg, Toxicologist, Swedish Food Agency
Pia Mäkelä, Head of Department, Finnish Food Authority
Christine Nellemann, Director of the DTU National Food Institute, Denmark