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Import of deciduous wood chips from eastern North America – pathway-initiated risk characterizations of relevant plant pests


Report no: 2013: 25

Published: 29.05.2013

Main message:

On its own initiative the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety has conduct a risk characterization of ten insect pests and four fungal pests that may follow the import of deciduous wood chips from eastern North America, and that are potentially harmful to Norwegian forests and environment.

The VKM Panel on Plant Health finds it important to get a better overview of plant pests, both listed and potential quarantine pests, which might follow the import of wood chips to Norway.

As a first step toward a pest risk assessment of the commodity of wood chips, the panel decided to conduct a risk characterization.

Ten insect species

The ten insect species selected for risk characterization were:

  • Agrilus anxius
  • Agrilus planipennis
  • Agrilus bilineatus
  • Chrysobothris femorata
  • Agrilus horni
  • Agrilus granulatus liragus
  • Agrilus granulatus granulatus
  • Hylurgopinus rufipes
  • Agrilus politus
  • Scolytus schevyrewi

Four fungal pest species

The four selected fungal pest species were:

  • Ceratocystis fagacearum
  • Davidiella populorum
  • Phellinus spiculosus
  • Phellinus everhartii

The ranking of the species given here is according to the likelihood of arriving with relevant pathways of wood chips, the presence of susceptible hosts in Norway, the similarity of climate between Norway and the areas of origin, and the severity of damages they may cause in Norwegian forests.

The ranking order indicates which species could undergo full pest risk assessment first. However, the order is uncertain since the behaviour of the species under new conditions is unknown. Also, Agrilus anxius has already been risk assessed for Norway.


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